Point and Shoot


Are you planning a personal shoot? Try choosing outfits that will magnify the various backgrounds but extend your image as well. Wearing this vivid skirt with a neutral crop top, brings out the vivid colors of the background, but it also extends my figure as a chic yet simple fit! Wearing nude pumps that matches the crop top will settle the fit and add a gentle finish. I chose gold accessories because of the natural accents in my fit. Gold tops the look off and makes it pop! Now, You try!



  1. You wear this look very well. This is the look when you still have to get out and take care of business on a relaxing day. Relax Lux! One of my favs.


  2. Thank you so much, please follow my social media as well @voguealamode for more looks!


  3. Yessssss, Thank you so much Peppa, this look is defiantly a relaxed one!


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