Bomber jackets are not only one of the hottest fashion trends out now but, they are so easy to pair with any fit to make a simple fit BOMB. What you see here is a simple tan bomber paired with black leggings and a simple black v-neck. With black being a classic and timeless color, it allows the bomber to be the main statement of the fit. Is that Chuck Taylor’s I see? Oh of course, chucks allow the fit to have a edgy yet comfortable look. Now for the part that everyone can’t wait to add, what makes a fit go from blah to OMG! Accessories!! A hairstyle that we are quickly seeing can be fashionable and chic, the half up half down do. This hairstyle adds a playful and fun look to the edgy fit. Who doesn’t have a choker these days? Chokers have made their arrival again to mainstream fashion. I added a black choker that goes with the black fit. Gold jewelry always is a good choice. Adding clear gold glasses and gold studs finish this look up and allow for a chic yet playful BOMB fit!




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