How do I properly achieve denim on denim?

Its always a good day for a good denim on denim fit! You may be thinking..”well its not that hard, just pair a denim T with a jeans.” Well, this is true but its an art to the shades of denim that you choose. Denim isn’t just one certain type of jean. It can be white washed denim, dark denim, light denim, faded denim… the list goes on! The best way to pair denim on denim is to take the same shade of denim and make a fit. You can choose one of the following shades of denim and create a fit. But, what I have modeled  above is pairing two different shades together but they are complements of each other. My denim top serves as the light of the fit. Its light denim, but with my light washed jeans it pairs well together. My Juicy Couture light washed jeans have some of the same tones in them as my shirt. Make sure you are pairing the two pieces together to ensure that they complement. Lastly, you can dress the look up by adding some of your favorite thigh high boots with the fit! This adds glam to a denim on denim because the fit allows for the boots to  be the main attraction. Pairing your favorite thin but bold accessories with the fit tops it off adding a chic flare that will make your denim pop out! Make your fit the main attraction and throw your hair up in a messy bun, this way you can make a fashionable statement while serving a relaxed look!


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