It is completely okay to wear street gear and have a beat face! Prior to doing this shoot I had a vision of a dark and risky smoky eye with this fit. However, after finishing my face I looked back into the mirror wondering if this was the wrong face for this fit. Well, if you can’t tell by the pics I completely enjoyed this look in the end. Some people may think wearing street gear is not for them. I can tell you that it in fact is! Street fits can be exposed in a variety of ways. With my look I decided to display the common contrast of tight and baggy. The key is in contrast, you don’t want everything so tight fitting or so baggy. Now, don’t get me wrong both can be done in the correct way. But, to display my look above it took both. I went with black leggings and a fitting V-neck to give a classic black look and allow for the main attraction to be my jean jacket. The jean jacket is the epitome of street fashion. I added combat boots for effect and a beat face to top this look off. Now, its your turn…. lets see your street style.


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