These looks may be familiar, they were apart of our last issue Beauty Beat. Each look has a different element that makes them have star potential. With each look I tried to bring out the best features of each model. When doing your makeup or others you always want to search for your clients best features to showcase in the look and use colors that are similar to their undertone. Everyone can’t wear the same shade because it will look differently on each person. Before applying the shadows, test a swatch on the clients hand to make sure that the color will make them pop. You never want to drown the clients face out with colors that aren’t going to fit them. Its wise to ask them what look they are feeling or going after, try to mock the look but only fit for the clients face. Take a look at the above looks and see how I demonstrated each look on my models. Also, head over to and check out our Issue #3 today! We have featured 5+ MUAs who are more than talented with their artistry, they teach you step by step on how to achieve some of their baddest looks!


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