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VALM takes MIAMI….Y’all!!! When I say Miami was one of the best times I have had in a very long time, I am not exaggerating. Everything they say Miami is, it in fact is!!! It helped that when I went everyone was on spring break and it was LIT the whole week. My friends and I stayed for an entire week and we were and everyday we wore nothing but our best fits! How would one describe the fashion in Miami? I would say there was very little of it, pun intended. All people bask in is swim suits, if your looking for a place to embrace your hot beach bod South Beach Miami is the place to do it!

Above you will see some of my featured fits. Firstly, I love off the shoulder tops, dresses, rompers YOU NAME IT!!! The off the shoulder style was the way to go for that hot Miami sun. Not only do they help to carve out your neckline it brings attention to your shoulders. I feel like the shoulders are one of the most appealing parts to a women, especially when you walk with confidence in your stride. The light blue linen off the shoulder mini dress was perfect for the sun. Now, I know what your thinking…”But, it has long sleeves?!” Indeed but you can wear it on a more cooler day, when the sun is out but the heat is a little shy. Also, the dress is linen so this means air flows right through it. Its always sunny in Miami so you want to pick clothes that have little to no weight at all. Choosing to wear a lightly weighted and light colored item will be in your favor.

Whats better than a basic black dress? Feeling a little bloated? Throw on a little black dress it will slim you down and if your dress is body con it will embrace your curves. Black will draw more heat you so in this case make sure that your dress is thin to allow your body to breathe in the heat. When it gets hot everyone knows it time to pull out the halter tops and shorts. Add some chicness to your fit by getting a halter with a choker neckline. Chokers are the headliner to fashion now and it looks even better if matches you halter perfectly. White linen shorts are the best for the summer and hot suns in Miami. Pair the two together to create the perfect duo for hottt Miami fashion.



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