Its safe to say that trench season is upon us! Its officially that in between fall and winter season. The breeze is chill and the sun is blazing, its time to break out the trenches and attack fall fashion!

Throughout my years have I learned how to actually wear a trench coat the correct way. You can’t just throw a trench coat on when its blazing hot, When its a hurricane or even when its a blizzard. No way, those weather conditions have their own fashionable outerwear to accommodate. A trench coat is not just any coat, it derived from the military as a simple raincoat. It is woven of many fibers that would keep the soldiers dry during time of travel. Now, we have adapted the trench as an essential element to wardrobe.

Wearing a trench demands attention, the color, the double-breasted buttons and/or statement belt, the length and even the sleeve construction. A trench is never duplicated it almost always has a trendy feature that allows it to stand out. The trench may be a light rain coat but it can also be worn during the peak of the fall season. It will be warm enough for the wind chill but light enough so that you may wear it and not be hot underneath. In light rain conditions it is the perfect coat, it keeps you dry and when wet it dries fast after. When wearing a trench it serves as the statement piece, so allow the fit to be blank. So you can try black ripped jeans, a black basic tee and black closed toed boots. Pair a bright and vibrant trench on top and your fit is finished. During the colder seasons fashion is almost forgotten, many think they are covering their fit so why dress nice? The tench makes the fit and demand attention so be prepared for ALL EYES ON YOU!!!

This trench retails for $70 USD from H&M, it is a bright but brunt orange trench. It has a over exaggerated sleeves that tie at the ends and the infamous cape on the back. Its very long and thick enough to keep one warm. The color draws so much attention that people sometimes look past the fit underneath. In order to find the perfect trench for you, shop around! Don’t buy the first expensive one that you find, shop around and find your style, but when you find it don’t pass it up!! Now, is the time lets pull out the TRENCHES!!


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