“It is completely possible to wear a full face but have a natural beat! Sometimes all it takes is a flawless face, lashes and lip! No shadows needed.” –  VALM

Countless times have I been asked “I love your makeup it looks so natural, What products do you use?” I can never give a simple answer,  it just depends on the day. My makeup routine literally changes just like I change clothes. New products cause for new routines. It all depends on my mood, I try to match my face with my fit. Most people think a beat face with full glam is needed when you have a glam fit. Honestly, it perfectly fine for your fit to be the center of attention. Draw your face blank but structured, leaving your natural features to stand out and you will be SHOW STOPPING!

Think of it as extenuating your natural beauty not covering it up. Be naTRUal! Truly who you are and proud of your features and your genetic makeup. A positive and confident makes you look even better. For a perfect natural beat it all needs to be a perfect match to your skin. The foundation needs to be a flawless color match and luster. Next you want to contour for natural enhancements, so very light on the contouring. Make your brows as close as your natural brow, enhance the darkness only slightly. Next add your favorite pair of wispy light lashes and your fav lippie! Lastly, everyones favorite… highlighter come next. Don’t pack on the shimmer but instead wisp it on lightly with a fan brush and YOU ARE SET TO STUNT!!!

Remember, natural beauty first comes within. Makeup only enhances whats already there!


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