I always had the best confidence in myself, I was so sure of who I was and proud of it. I would always be told how my confidence shines through and it would make me happy to hear this. I always just thought well its how my mom raised me, she taught me to love myself and walk tall and be proud. I not saying I didn’t go through some hardships accepting what God gave me, but I always ended up knowing I was special and put here on earth for a reason.

It wasn’t until I reached adulthood while in college that I realized I was missing something. All along I loved myself truly but I lacked freedom, freedom to be me! I had always thought well if you have confidence and positive self esteem that you have freedom as well…right? Wrong, freedom adapted through confidence its adapted through truly accepting yourself and loving you. Freedom is being who you truly are without apology. Of course it always good to have a positive character and be likable, but even when you feel life is low and hatred from others. Freedom is having peace in your life despite your surroundings. Obtaining freedom is hard, I know this first hand. I still have not mastered it but I am getting closer everyday.

Loving yourself is not just loving the outer you, its loving your inner being and your soul.  It takes a lot of energy, praying and positive affirmations to master this, but once you do all will be well. Freedom starts with you first, everyone can give you compliments and likes on instagram but if you don’t know this for yourself you will always seek approval from someone else. Its important to first love yourself, then allow others to love you just the same.

“Set yourself free from yourself and love all your many shades that make you….. you!”      -VALM


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