Lately, I have been going eyeshadow palette crazy! Honestly, I have been so excited by the thought of creating new looks and practicing in all the beautiful shadows. I never thought that knowing the skill of how to do makeup could be lost. So eventually when I got really busy in college I stopped wearing makeup. I just simply did not have time to beat my face every morning anymore! As much as I wanted to kill it everyday on the yard, I had to focus on my proirities or wake up earlier… Which was not happening okkaayyy lol.

After breaking from makeup for a while, I would go out and want to do my face up! But, I found that it was harder than usual for me to do a simple winged liner that I had mastered after so much time practicing. I began to be frustrated knowing that my makeup looks could be so much more stunning than they appeared to be. At that moment I realized that just like an art I needed to keep practicing. I soon came up with the solution, to create new looks on the days that I am on campus all day, and at work! This way I can see if my looks actually have longevity and I can practice new looks that don’t go to waste.

I know y’all… I was finally figured it out, it only took me forever! For about a year now I have been creating new looks and surprisingly from all my practice I have been getting bookings as a freelance makeup artist. A title in which I thought I would never have under my belt. People have been taking notice to my looks and have reached out to me for cliental. Now, I am getting exposure and bookings all from showcasing and practicing  a art that I so happen to love. Above, are my new babies that I have recently added to my collection. Subculture by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Unzipped Ocean Sunset by Lorac Pro and the Sonia Kashuk brush collection.

The Subculture palette gives me a 90s vibe, the pigments are retro in a sense and are all stars of their own. Often times a palette of quad colors or more rely on each other to make a look complete. In the Subculture palette every color stands alone and can be done in a single look, I am absolutely OBSESSED!! Subculture retails at Sephora for $46 USD. In the Unzipped palette the pigments are creamy and shimmery, the are great pigments for under brow highlighting and lid colors. The mattes make a good crease color and they are perfect combined into one single look. This palette retails at Kohl’s Beauty counter for $36 USD. Of course, one can will need brushes to apply each pigment and the Sonia Kashuk brushes are the perfect collab with each pigment. They are effortlessly soft in texture and wisp across your face like a cloud. The collection is sold individually at target, and each brush is more than 50% off! (Yes GIRL!! Get them before they run out..) These products make creating new looks  less stressful, you literally don’t have to think … JUST CREATE!

GET THESE PRODUCTS TODAY!!! I promise you will not regret it. Comment below what you think of these products!!


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