VALM | Dapper Habit

Feature #1: Devyn Jones

Devyn Jones is an entrepreneur, author, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer from Potomac, Maryland. He is also Co-founder of his company Vigor Wellness. Upon graduating from Howard University, Devyn plans to further develop his company, publish several books, open multiple gyms and restaurants, and launch a non-profit organization. Being dapper is more than a habit for Devyn it is the epitome of his brand. Check Vigor Wellness out on YouTube as well! 

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IG|Twitter|Snapchat: @iamdevynjones

IG|Twitter: @wearevigor 

YouTube: Vigor Wellness 

Feature #2: Mālik Mbaye

 A Junior Computer Information Systems Major, Economics Minor from Senegal, West Africa. I believe all of us have a divine purpose in this world. And we were each gifted with a unique disposition and set of talents and abilities. So our job is to use those talents to serve our community and push the world forward, however much we can.

“I believe my purpose is to inspire and be inspired by others. In the past, I did so primarily through fashion, photography, and writing. Which is how I started a blog that turned into a clothing line that turned into 1,000+ clients in 6 continents and 30 countries. And up until that endeavor failed, I thought a “fashionista” was all that I was meant to be. But since then Ive learned a lot about business, people, and myself. I learned that I am more than my hobbies and interests, I am me.

That feeling. When you realize who you are and what youre meant to do. Its special. And It often happens when you make big mistakes. But I dont think you have to go through that to be able to learn. So I want to dedicate my life to helping find that feeling and develop that awareness.”

Follow my journey on instagram @malik.mbahe