On this day January 19th, 2016 Vogue á la Mode | VALM was created. It was created as a personal blog to showcase fashion, teaching our readers how to recreate a look on a budget. Now, it has evolved into an entire fashion and beauty promotional magazine, where we capture fashion and beauty from all [...]


I always had the best confidence in myself, I was so sure of who I was and proud of it. I would always be told how my confidence shines through and it would make me happy to hear this. I always just thought well its how my mom raised me, she taught me to love [...]


"It is completely possible to wear a full face but have a natural beat! Sometimes all it takes is a flawless face, lashes and lip! No shadows needed." -  VALM Countless times have I been asked "I love your makeup it looks so natural, What products do you use?" I can never give a simple [...]


  Its safe to say that trench season is upon us! Its officially that in between fall and winter season. The breeze is chill and the sun is blazing, its time to break out the trenches and attack fall fashion! Throughout my years have I learned how to actually wear a trench coat the correct [...]


VALM takes MIAMI....Y'all!!! When I say Miami was one of the best times I have had in a very long time, I am not exaggerating. Everything they say Miami is, it in fact is!!! It helped that when I went everyone was on spring break and it was LIT the whole week. My friends and [...]


These looks may be familiar, they were apart of our last issue Beauty Beat. Each look has a different element that makes them have star potential. With each look I tried to bring out the best features of each model. When doing your makeup or others you always want to search for your clients best [...]


It is completely okay to wear street gear and have a beat face! Prior to doing this shoot I had a vision of a dark and risky smoky eye with this fit. However, after finishing my face I looked back into the mirror wondering if this was the wrong face for this fit. Well, if [...]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Vogue á la Mode | VALM ✨✨✨ One year ago on January 19th, I began my journey to VALM. I am not only grateful but thankful for all the blessings God has given this company. I am thankful to all of our supporters and followers who show nothing but love. Thank you all [...]


I am completely in love with dark colors. They not only enhance your your skin tone but they also can be a very delicate touch to give you a daring and bold look. I have created a cut crease lid with the accents the display a deep plum and burgundy mix to deepen the crease. [...]