Black a classic color that trims your waist and suits your face! Its always a good day to wear black. Yes, black is one of the most classic colors of them all but sometimes it can be spiced up just a little. Pairing a light color with the black ensemble will bring a different flare [...]


How do I properly achieve denim on denim? Its always a good day for a good denim on denim fit! You may be thinking.."well its not that hard, just pair a denim T with a jeans." Well, this is true but its an art to the shades of denim that you choose. Denim isn't just [...]


I watched this documentary called "The Minimalist" yesterday. I was casually scrolling through Netflix trying to watch the last of the Christmas movies left, and I saw the title. I glanced at the ratings to see if this would be worth my time. Anytime I see or hear the word documentary I get sleepy, knowing [...]


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Its here, 2017 has made it way! This is the year for all the hard workers, the people that are willing to make their dreams their realities! This isn't just any year like the last, this year brings us one step closer to our dreams. This is the year to work [...]


Sometimes life may bring you down and it may get hard, but you constantly have to remind yourself that you are getting there! You have to remind yourself that your hard work is not in vain and it will be noticed. A new year is around the corner is it time to get your dreams [...]

Merry CHRISTmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! We all know that everyone loves a good holiday beat! Yesterday, was the perfect day to showcase such a timeless and elegant color such as burgundy. Joining together a light smoky eye with a BOLD lip, adds warmth and elegance to the fit. Its the perfect weather for a turtleneck that serves [...]


Bomber jackets are not only one of the hottest fashion trends out now but, they are so easy to pair with any fit to make a simple fit BOMB. What you see here is a simple tan bomber paired with black leggings and a simple black v-neck. With black being a classic and timeless color, [...]


Fall is in session! Warm tones of olive green, taupe and burgundy will warm your soul with these chilly winds. Beat your face with this subtle smokey eye. I used gold shimmer to highlight under my brow and widened my crease with evergreen matte shadow. This made a smokey yet bold eye. Topping the look [...]

Black Beetle

Capturing a edgy look can be very hard at times. But, as long as you have a couple of key parts to your fit makes the edginess very apparent. Ripped jeans are one of the key elements to a edgy chic fit. They add a riskiness to your fit that allows your personality to shine [...]