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Issue #1 – Collection VALM: Campus Couture 

Campus Couture features over 15 different fashion icons! Each icon has their own style and they portray a magnitude of personality in each of their photos. Each were specially chosen because of their variety of eclectic style. We are honored to feature such icons in our very first issue of Collection VALM! This issue favors to the college fashion from going to class, game nights or even special events like step shows and all other collegiate events! Each Icon has something different to offer to the world of fashion. You will even notice that some have businesses of their very own, Our Icons are jewels in every way! Don’t be shy now, follow them and continue to witness their greatness! College not only a place where you obtain your degree but it is a space where one can express themselves artistically in every way. Our icons are taking the fashion world by storm in such magnitude. Thank you to all our icons, you all are very talented and special! Thank you for all your help and being willing to share your iconic fashion on VALM! Please join us in welcoming our features to Collection VALM: Campus Couture!

Features Include: Jade Grier, Kae Laurence, Kaylin Young, Errol Dillard, Weaneh Freeman, Robert Newman, Melisa Philogene, Justin Leonard, Ebony Burgess, Will Banks, Khiana Wiley, Howard Daniel, Sarina Tate, Jeremey Butler, Camille Robinson-Exum, Kirk Cohall, Kierra Fuller, Staceson Myles, Jasmine Milton and Malik Franklin


Segment #1: Street Smartz

“Seems like, Street Lights, Glowin” – Kanye West (Street Lights) What is street fashion to you? Is it the latest Jordans or a pair of saggy True Religion jeans? ….Nah, let the Icons show you how to achieve this look with class and style! The Fashion Icons that are featured in this segment have their own style, yes. But, they each have one element of fashion that is similar, Steet Style! The fashion presented takes elements from sports teams to ripped jeans and Converse. Travel along with us and let the icons show you how to achieve the perfect street style!

Icon #1: Justin Leonard


Instagram: @Modcontempo

Elite Models Instagram: @huelitemodels

Looking for the perfect casual chic for class? Justin displays this look down to a T, Pair your fav sports team jersey with the perfect fit forming ripped pair of jeans giving you the sporty casual look. Add your fav light leather jacket over top and pair the look with classic Converse Chuck Taylors. Justin adds the jersey as street flair but implements class topping the look off with a leather jacket. He is King Slay and no stranger to the runway! Justin is the co-founder of one of the most influential modeling Agencies “Elite Models” based at Howard University in Washington, DC. His success is not only inspiring but motivational to us, follow Justin and continue to witness his Slayage!

Icon #2: Kirk Cohall


Instagram: @kirk.cohall

Snapchat: @barrington_17

Twitter: @kirkcohall

What is street fashion without overalls and a graphic T? Kirk adds a simple but genius step to complement his fit… one shoulder overalls. Yes, you can still wear them the traditional way and look great. But, by removing one shoulder strap and adding the perfect Graphic T under will give you that correct street fashion. Adding a gold chain and watch tops the look off and gives you that street cred! We often saw this look in the 90s but kirk brings it way back by adding black Chuck Taylors. Follow Kirk on his fashion journey. Oh, I forgot to mention…THIS BOY SINGS OKEEYYY! So visit his pages for fashion and while you’re there listen to his music!

Icon #3: Staceson Myles


Instagram: @stace_man

Wearing your favorite sports team jersey is only right when wearing street fashion. So, Rep yo team and still be street! Staceson pairs his jersey perfectly with black pants. Matching your pants with your jersey gives you a unique street look, you don’t have to worry if others will be wearing the same thing. They might go for a jersey on blue jean ensemble, but topping the look off with a black pant is superb. Lastly, throw on your fav sneakers. Bright colors are key because your fit is already on the darker side. Give your fit some pop by adding your fav sneakers in the mix. Staceson does the sporty look perfectly, but don’t be fooled this man lives in a suit and tie! Staceson is the ultimate business man and knows what hard work is. Follow Staceson and see his suave business attire!

Icon #4: Errol Dillard


Instagram: @dapperDillard

The classic white T is the perfect way to start your street fashion look. It pairs well with any color and allows you to do more with the rest if your fit.White also doubles to calm down a fit as well. Errol chose to wear a pair of ripped textured jeans to complement his look. The traditional jeans will make this a traditional fit, but his jeans give the perfect flare and make this street look so dapper. Errol’s jeans are the star of this look giving it a street style. Errol chose the most genius color to top his fit off.. GRAY. His gray sweater and New Balance serves as the accent color to his fit! This street look is only one of Errol’s genius’ ….his Instagram is @dapperDillard! Errol masters every look you can think of from Suit and tie, tribal and even collegiate wear. Follow Errol and learn from a real fashion genius!

Icon #5: Malik Franklin


Instagram: @superman_swerve

Youtube: Master95ization

Shout out to all the 90s babies! Once I seen Malik’s pic on insta, I said we had to feature him on VALM!! This 90’s inspired look is pure genius! Choose your fav 90s sweater and rock this street look. Malik chose the perfect dark toned shorts to complement his sweater, which is the main attraction. Neutral colors pair best when having one attention catcher on your fit. Pairing black tube socks and a blue bucket hat go well with his sweater. Lastly, grab your fav Jordans that will pop but won’t out do your main attraction. Malik mastered this street 90s inspired look. He not only has great fashion but he will make you fall out in laughter. Check his Youtube channel out today! He will definitely keep you entertained and help your street style.

Segment #2: Modern Chic


chic. 1 : smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner : style <wears her clothes with superb chic> 2 : a distinctive mode of dress or manner associated with a fashionable lifestyle, ideology, or pursuit <wearing the latest in urban chic>

Modern Chic fashion is timeless, it is a beautiful blend between old / new, young / old and past / present. It takes talent to achieve a modern chic look. You have to maintain a fashion mindset that is not only original but authentic. All of our icons have mastered what modern chic really is! Take it from us our icons have something special to offer the world and these beautiful ladies are here to share it with us. Welcome to Segment #2 Modern Chic.

Icon #1: Melisa Philogene


Instagram: @theoddpoet

Twitter: @AYEEmel

Some people are afraid to wear a nice pair of thigh boots, because they don’t know exactly how to properly do it. However, Melisa does this style perfectly. She has placed a shirt dress that is the perfect length to pair with her boots. She pairs the ensemble of flowy chic with a slight aspect of futuristic style. This look is perf for a windy fall day for class. She effortlessly achieved this chic look by adding two major fashion forward items; Shirt dress and Over the knee boots. Topping her fit off with a boho-inspired purse and a gold watch Melisa is killing this fit! Melisa is a true queen reigning in two collegiate titles, she not afraid to look good! Yassss Queen! Follow Melisa and witness her throne of fashion perfection!

Icon #2: Jasmine Milton


Instagram: @jasssmarie

Blossoming Beauty Instagram: @blossoming_beauty

Modern Chic fashion is being able to take everyday pieces put them together and create a million dollar fit! Jasmine does this and more! Who ever thought to pair a bomber jacket , booties and a fedora! I’m definitely stealing this look! This fit has so much personality that Jasmine embodies herself: Bold, Chic and Spontaneous. A genius step that most people don’t get is how to style your jeans while wearing booties. Roll your jeans just above your ankle, this allows your booties to pop and gives you that automatic chic flare. Jasmine is no stranger to the blogger world. She is the founder of Blossoming Beauty a blog that is all about women empowerment! I am honored to have been a feature on blossoming beauty as a part of their WCW post! Her blog is very successful which didn’t surprise us at all! Jasmine is not only a fashionista but a hard worker as well. Follow Jasmine and become a member of her oh so powerful blog!

Icon #3: Sarina Tate


Instagram: @muziqsongstress

Facebook: Sarina Charnele

Twitter: @MuziqSongStress

Modern Chic is what Sarina truly portrays in this photo. Not everyone can pull this look off but when you have a banging body like Sarina it’s a walk in the park. For us curvy girls it’s a plus to wear a fit as chic as this! She’s got body and soul! High-waisted jeans are the perfect choice for a chic look. Light wash jeans give the look a soft touch while making a BOLD statement! Sarina pairs this look off with a blush-toned top that easily complements her ensemble. What better way than to top the look off with a gold chocker. When wearing a chocker you want to go for a neckline that compliments your fit, go for a v-neck or U-shaped like Sarina! You can even try a turtleneck for the fall! Sarina is the ultimate chic diva but she is also a vocal beast! I learn from her every day so follow her along her musical journey and while you’re there check out her chic looks!

Icon #4: Khiana Wiley


Instagram: @jovencitabonita

Blog: Rhythm and Beats

What is a chic fit without a maxi? Maxi skirts are the ultimate way to elevate your look. They not only are bold but chic as well! Khiana wears this look perfectly. She pairs a tan spaghetti strap blouse with her ensemble that tones down the look and allows the skirt to be the main attraction. Don’t be afraid to add accent colors to your look! Khiana pairs a bright colored bag to top her look off! This is the way to do it! But I know y’all looking at her makeup too right??…. CAN YOU SAY BEAT! She not only is the modern chic queen but also a beat beauty! She will beat your face for the God’s okeeeyy! She also is no stranger to the blog world herself! Follow her and her blog for more of this Bonita beauty! Also, comment “Bonita” on her featured VALM pic for a chance to win a free Beauty Beat by Khiana the icon!

Icon #5: Camille Robinson-Exum


Instagram: @essirahs_

Twitter: @camiandtank

Camille is owning this modern chic look! Modern chic is being able to achieve a look that is simple yet classic. Wearing plain jeans would give this look an “everyday” feel. But, with high waisted jeans they give you an automatic chic look. Topping the look off with these single sole feather heels makes this modern chic look elegant. Camille used her genius to pair the perfect faux fur clutch with her heels. Light colors are the basis of her fit which give the look a simple yet BOLD statement. Camille is always on FLEEK, her style is the epitome of modern chic. She embodies originality with every fit! Follow her and let her guide you to mastering the fashion world.

Segment #3: Tribals


Rum, pum, pum, pum rum, pum, pum, pum rum, pum, pum, pum
Me say TRIBAL now!

Tribal fashion is fashion that displays character and personality. Some may think it’s weird when people dress how they feel, With weird colors and patterns but that is next level fashion. Tribal fashion takes originality and creativity! Tribal fashion is very popular now but is it being done right? Let the icons show you how to master Tribal fashion! Join us in saying Wah gwaan.. to Segment #3 Tribals!

Icon #1: Kaylin Young


Instagram: @officalkyoung

Twitter: @KaysYoung

Tribal fashion is the fashion of today, everyone is in favor of boho chic! But what some don’t understand is that less is more. You can make your fit simple yet it can be BOLD at the same time. Kaylin wears this tribal fit so well, she shows you the true meaning of “less is more”. Kaylin has a statement piece on that allows her to be creative with her accessories and shoes. Wearing a black romper allows you to take the look anywhere! Kaylin chose to go TRIBAL, topping her look off with Tie up black gladiator sandals gives this look tribal perfection. Not to mention Kaylin’s hair…is ALWAYS laid, she even captures her tribal with box braids. This queen masters this tribal look with such elegance and poise. Kaylin is always down for the fashion crown, she and I will be taking on a huge project in the fall. So, look out for it! Follow Kaylin today and let her grace you with her tribal chic and elegant fashion.

Icon #2: Ebony Burgess


Snapchat: @symoneebony

Do you know of anyone that is one with the earth? No?….. Well think of someone who adores astrology, has the phases of the moon as a that and loves the color black. Got it now! This is Ebony the tribal fashion master and one of my very best friends. When we thought about what icons would belong in the Tribal segment Ebony Burgess was first on our list! Ebony displays a sweater dress that embodies tribal chic… don’t believe us…look very closely at the detail. What is tribal chic without tube socks and booties?! You can dress up a sweater dress or take the tribal route like Ebony! She also sports dark metallic silver accessories, this gives the look a darker feel that really embodies tribal. Ebony loves black but she is not afraid of color. She is a true artist, her paintings are breathtakingly gorg! So if you find yourself to be just like Ebony, then you are a true definition of a tribal Chic master. Follow Ebony and discover her tribal chic.

Icon #3: Kierra (keke) Fuller


Instagram: @kierradiamond

Tribal fashion is not the latest pair of fringed Ugg boots, or having three headbands on and circle glasses. Tribal fashion involves individuality and personality, Kierra has all that and more. Yes, I’m bias because she’s one of the best friends that I have ever had. But, I know great fashion when I see it. Kierra displays a very tribal fit with her Aztec design shirt. This shirt serves as the appetizer, dinner and dessert! She gives us everything we need in tribal fashion! Wanna get the tribal look?…ASK KEKE!! She so perfectly pairs a black cardigan and fedora to elevate her look. This allows the shirt to grasp all the attention. Wearing a pair of blue jean shorts completes her fit effortlessly. What is tribal chic without a fun pair of gold sunnies? Keke slays every fit that she wears and does it beautifully. She will slay your fit, makeup and hair all in one sitting! The beauty world is no stranger to keke but neither is the music world. She doesn’t just sing she can SANG! Please go and check her fashion and voice out NOW plus she so sweet and has true southern hospitality.

Icon #4: Robert Newman


Instagram: @papi.jugo

Jewelry Instagram: @the.rdent.rtisan

Designer Instagram: @king.kysh

For some tribal fashion is just a fit for the day but, for Robert tribal fashion is a way of life. Robert is no stranger to a suit and tie but, when its comes down to tribal chic for guys Robert will show you exactly how to do it. Robert displays a tribal inspired Kimono style shirt from designer Love Kysh. This Kimono captures authenticity with such a boldness. Tribal can be simple but tribal can also be bold, Robert wears this kimono with boldness. He is also sporting a loose gray pant that is calm and allows the shirt to stick out. Robert also adds a gray cap to top his fit off. Going for a bold Tribal fashion? Learn from this king! I hope you noticed all Robert’s custom homemade jewelry. He is a master at jewelry making and has had such a successful journey doing so.  His tribal fashion is on point and his jewelry is irresistible. I can’t wait to receive my custom bracelet! Follow Robert on insta to see all of his fits and while you’re there order your custom jewelry by Robert [R]dent [R]tisan.


Icon #5: Weaneh Freeman


Instagram: @ohhweaneh_

Twitter: @ohhweaneh

What is tribal chic without a halter top? I know you own one! Halter tops are a great start to making your fit Tribal inspired. Weaneh looks great in this tribal fit. She makes her JLuxelabel halter top flow perfectly with her American Apparel high waisted jeans. Light colors can be very tribal as well. Weaneh show you exactly how to sport a soft fit while still being tribal.  Lots of accessories aren’t needed when wearing this soft tribal fit. You can capture a perfect soft fit just like Weaneh by wearing very minimal to light accessories. This girl is no stranger to chic fashion, she will slay even during finals week! She has such a freedom in who she is that she makes others want to know her, this is what makes her tribal fashion so unique. Follow Weaneh today she will show you how to slay in the most unique way!

Icon #6: Jade Grier


Instagram: @jaagrie

Publication Link:

Did you know that Maxi dresses are the easiest way to achieve a tribal fit! A tribal printed maxi dress will get you there but, like Jade’s dress it’s black but is in every way tribal chic. Jade’s razor back and lace dress give her fit a complete tribal look! She adds the most perf black choker that gives the look some edginess. Tribal chic can be with just one piece like jade’s maxi dress. It’s no secret that Jade is the ultimate model, she has a very eclectic fashion sense that have you in awe. She knows what to put together to make her fits look good and make you think wow! She also writes for an online publication site! She is such a wonderful writer so follow her today and check out her post!

Icon #7: Howard Daniel


Instagram: @yournameshoward

Design Instagram: @hddesigns_

Shoutout to Howard, he is a 2016 college graduate! He not only has brains but an extraordinary passion for fashion. Howard is one of the most talented people that I know, he uses every ounce of creativity. From his everyday fits to his Instagram post he is the epitome of the fashion world! We are honored to have Howard Daniel featured on VALM as an icon, you will be seeing his face again trust us! Howard is  wearing a Neoprene fabric 2-piece suit from a boutique. This suit has no other than tribal written all over it! He pairs a beautiful bright orange tie with his suit that adds flare to the whole fit. Howard is also wearing brown wing tips that complete the whole fit. As we stated before Howard is so talented, he is also a fashion designer! His latest collection “More than a Woman: The Aaliyah Tribute” will be going on sale soon! His collection is featured below. Howard also does photography on the side. Howard does it all! So, please follow him and receive some of the most timeless fashion fits you will ever see and purchase his pieces.



Segment #4: Tailor-Made


“But as long as I got my Suit and Tie, imma be Tailor-Made tonight”

A classic suit and tie is very easy to achieve, but a Tailor-made fit takes talent and skill. Our icons perfect this style so effortlessly. They each have their unique differences but they all add genius touches to their look. Tailor-Made fashion is classic yet BOLD, everyone doesn’t do it the same but it takes a master to do it right. Join VALM in welcoming our featured icons to our final segment #4 Tailor-Made.

Icon #1: Kae Laurence



Twitter: @designbykae

Design Website:

Kae Lawrence knows what it means to create the perfect blend of colors. He models the perfect amount of patterns and solids. It is very important to incorporate an even blend between the two, you never want to overpower patterns. When deciding what piece of clothing should be patterned, it’s wise to choose the dress socks and tie. This allows you to use solid colors to play with. Kae chose to go with bright yet soft colors as a combo fit! His button down dress shirt is a soft blue while he paired soft gray dress pants along with his look. To break up the colors and patterns it is genius to choose neutral colors for shoes and a belt. Most often you  should go with a brown or black. Kae chose the perfect brown to top his look off. Kae is a wonderful digital artist as well as Tailor-made king! Follow him to get some more classic looks and while you’re there check out his work!

Icon #2: Will Banks


Instagram: @iamwillbanks

Twitter: @iamwillbanks

Soundcloud: Will Channing Banks

Will Banks is the ultimate Tailor-Made Fashion ICON! I have known him for so time and let me tell y’all, he has always had the best fashion sense. This king takes the fashion world by storm, he is not afraid to slay on any day! Will Banks makes looking good a way of life, he even designs custom paints Timberland Boots! We are so honored to have Will as feature icon on VALM, and trust me we contacted him first! Will so effortlessly models a black 3-piece suit, black bow tie and red suspenders. The genius in his fit is not the red on black but, it’s the black on black. You have to be Tailor-Made to know how to correctly pair black on black! Will displays his goals accessories with his fit. This is the ultimate Tailor-Made fit that displays class and sophistication. While Will masters the fashion world, he is no stranger to the music world. Will is a 2016 college graduate, where he studied vocal performance. This king is also a master at opera singing. He has such a strong and powerful voice and he has pure talent. VALM is so honored to feature him. Follow will and let him slay your life!

Icon #3: Jeremy Butler


Instagram: @_drivenbyfaith
Now, tell me that this pic doesn’t look like I clipped it from Vogue Magazine! This photo made our mouths drop in awe, it is pure perfection! Jeremy Butler is a very special feature to VALM. Not one day have I seen him frown, complain or even quit. He has brightened my day on several occasions and has motivated me to keep going, with God nothing is impossible! Jeremy displays such class while modeling his 2-piece suit. His blazer has a magnitude of gray but has a touch of black satin around the collar brim. Jeremy so eloquently pairs a pair of classic black dress pants along with his fit. The most genius element in Jeremy’s fit is his black turtleneck and black fedora. This adds a uniqueness that makes this fit genius. Jeremy tops his tailor-made fit with gray dress shoes that perfectly match his blazer. Jeremy is the most passionate person that one will ever meet. While he is a genius in fashion he is also a genius in the music world. He is a wonderful singer that will put a smile on your face when he shares his gift. He is a opera singer that excels at his gift. Follow Jeremy and get more of these magazine worthy pics and fits. Also, stop by and check out his music.

Collection VALM: Campus Couture


Segments: Street Smartz, Modern Chic, Tribals and Tailor-Made

That’s a wrap! Issue 1 Collection VALM: Campus Couture was a huge success. It took a lot of hard work to do but we at VALM got it done! But, we couldn’t have done it without all of our wonderful featured fashion icons! We love you guys so much and thank you for all your help and allowing us to feature you. Issue #1 was an amazing experience and we are so blessed for its success! Look out for Issue #2 coming very soon! #fblogger#bblogger #CollectionVALM#campuscouture