VALM x NYFW stylesbyhoward EXCLUSIVE


Welcome to NYFW brought to you by the iconic STYLESBYHOWARD via VALM. We are so excited to have been apart of NYFW through the eye of this amazing Model, Stylist, photographer, and creative director. He has four premium looks that he killed on the fashion scene during NYFW. We are beyond excited to work with his legend again, he was featured in our last issue HIM (if you haven’t seen it, check it out NOW!!).
We have been planning this issue for quite sometime and we are super stoked that it is finally here!! We want to offer a huge THANK YOU to stylesbyhoward for allowing us to feature him again, it has always been a pleasure.
We want you to dress and shop his NYFW looks right now!!! Enjoy our NYFW stylesbyhoward EXCLUSIVE!








Jacket: Steve Madden

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Pants: Vintage apparel

Shoes: Dr Martens

Shades: Winkshades









Fur: Guess

Track Suit: Adidas

Shoes: Filas

Glasses: Winkshades






Hat: Vintage apparel

Blazer: Men’s Collection

Shirt: Vintage apparel

Corset: Vintage apparel

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Puma









Hat: Vintage apparel
Sweater: Express
Inner Jacket: Vintage apparel
Outer Jacket: Northface
Pants: Vintage Apparel
Shoes: Zara



  1. Introduce yourself: Name, Age, Business Location, Address to business location etc. 

“Hey Guys It’s Trey Howard aka Stylesbyhoward from Dallas Texas.”

2. What is your business? Brief summary of your business. Please include (name of business, time running, who you is your general audience?, Who are your photos geared towards?)

“As you Know I am a Model, Stylist,photographer, and overall Creative Director. I’ve been doing things Fashion for about 3 years now. The hard work is finally paying off right now. My Aesthetic mostly targets fun fashion loving people. People who generally loves creativity and imagination.”
3. How long have you been in the fashion business?
“I’ve been living fashion since I was little but I’ve been working hard and taking I.T seriously for about 3 years now. It’s been a long journey and a long realization of what I really want to be.”
4. Who or what inspired you to pursue fashion?
“What inspired me to get started in the fashion Industry is Naomi Campbell I’ve watched her for so long and just dreamed of being just a quarter of who she is.”
5. Less or More?
“Less or More? IT actually Depends on the look. If IT call for layers I say add till you can’t breath. I love layers for a New York street style but if I’m going for a more GQ style simplicity is Key.”

6. What shows did you attend at NYFW?

“I attended 2 shows for NYFW “Micheal James” & “Candice Cucco” I also Attended a few Networking events “Fashions Night Out”.

7. What was your theme during NYFW?

“My Theme This Fashion week Was “Roy G Biv” which I wanted to be a play on Priamry colors in a Urban Streetwear setting.”

8. What was the most influential part about NYFW 2018?

“The Most influential thing I experienced this NYFW was the Creativity. It was mesmerizing to see so many people with different style all coming together in the name of Fashion. It was cool to get recognition by some real Fashion experts and successful people in the Industry.”
9. What makes a good fit standout from the average? 
“A Good Fit will Always standout if you possess the Confidence and OWN IT. know everything You wear won’t be considered your “best” Look but I think as long as you are confident and really like what you are wearing you can go from Not to HOT in seconds.” 
10. What is the top jacket for spring?
“WINDBREAKERS WINDBREAKERS WINDBREAKERS !!!! Is THE item for spring. Even Oscar De La Renta picked this item over a cocktail dress or Elegant ball gown. If you haven’t copped a vintage windbreaker by now your late Asf!!!!”
11. Are you available for booking? 
I am available for booking 
Style consultant 
12. Which brand from NYFW are we gonna absolutely love?
“The brand I think shut it down NYFW 18 was definitely Laquan Smith. Something about his designs, looks, and overall concept gets me excited about Fashion. He isn’t some snobby designer who sticks to the stereotypical model he allows his creativity to come in all shapes sizes and genders and I LIVE FOR IT.”
13. What was your favorite look from NYFW?
“My favorite look for NYFW 18 has to be Zendaya at the Micheal Kors Fall show I’m “RTW” I’m very into street wear and I think this is a classy take on the adidas sweat suit. Those heels are literally to die for.”
14. List your social media, websites and emails where someone can reach out to you.
 Instagram: @Stylesbyhoward
     Facebook: Trey Howard
    Twitter: @Stylesbyhoward