Top 8 Best Dressed | 2019 Grammy Awards


Some came to watch while others came to SLAY, and they did not play at the 2019 Grammy Awards. We have chosen our list of the 8 best dressed female attendees at the Grammys. Enjoy our list and let us know in the comments who’s look you enjoyed the most, and who you think could’ve stayed home.


  1. MOST CREATIVE | Cardi B in Archival Muglerth.jpeg
  2. BEST AESTHETIC | Kylie Jenner in
  3. BEST ANGLES | Janelle Monáe in Gaultierjanelle-monae-attends-the-61st-annual-grammy-awards-at-news-photo-1128781290-1549850962.jpg
  4. BEST SURPRISE APPEARANCE | Michelle Obama in does it even matter look at her! Michelle-Obama-Sequin-Outfit-2019-Grammys.jpg
  5. BEST USE OF COLOR | Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph & Russotracee-ellis-ross-attends-the-61st-annual-grammy-awards-at-news-photo-1128792439-1549852228.jpg
  6. SIMPLE YET TRES CHIC | Lady Gaga in Celinelady-gaga-attends-the-61st-annual-grammy-awards-at-staples-news-photo-1128787490-1549849509.jpg
  7. BEST USE OF TEXTILES | H.E.R in Coachth-1.jpeg
  8. BEST ACCENT PIECE | Anna Kendrick in Ralph & Russoanna-kendrick-attends-the-61st-annual-grammy-awards-at-news-photo-1097531300-1549851498.jpg
Source: Cosmopolitan 


Did you enjoy the 2019 Grammy Awards? Let us know all the scoop down below!



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