Vogue á la Mode | VALM is beyond excited to have VI.II.VI as our featured designer and clothing line for our April 2017 issue!

While VALM attended D.C. Fashion week, we were immediately drawn to VI.II.VI. Their collections are the epitome of upscale class and next gen fashion. The creations of designer, Dominique Thomas are more than impeccable. VALM was also thrilled to attend the VI.II.VI Collection Release Event in early March. Seeing the collections in person was more than a thrill. The vibrant colors pop off the clothing with such ease. The pieces are definitely eye candy even from a mile away.

VALM is thrilled to introduce designer Dominique Thomas and his line VI.II.VI, enjoy his creations and make sure you follow and contact them TODAY!!

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About VI·II·VI

Established by Dominique Thomas, VI•II•VI (pronounced 6-2-6) is a clothing brand based out of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. We are a brand focused on providing clients with various choices of high quality, ready to wear & custom fashions, suitable for any event. Most importantly, VI•II•VI takes pride in providing the utmost eminence and ascendancy to every client.


Designer: Dominique Thomas

With a strong interest in fashion, Dominique Thomas is a Maryland native whose desire to thrive in the fashion industry flourished in grade seven. It is in 2006 when he first began to explore the world of fashion design, creating custom screen-printed t-shirts, iron-on transfers and hand painted designs. In 2012, he shifted gears and began developing his independent clothing company, VI•II•VI. Catering to both men and women, VI•II•VI will provide clients various choices of formal, casual, party and urban fashions suitable for any occasion. “My goal is to let my designs move us into the next generation of the fashion industry.”

 Dominique furthered his knowledge of fashion by obtaining a Fashion Degree in Dressmaking & Design. In addition, he has also taken several formal classes in sewing, pattern making and fashion design.


Spring/Summer 2017 Bad Romance

Inspiration: The inspiration for Bad Romance was a little different. It started out with one main piece (Gold See Through Dress with Necklace); the piece was stunning after seeing the completed product. I immediately wanted the collection to follow through and came up with a story line, a woman who is going through a break up and feels she may not have that spark anymore. The collection was intended to motivate women to move on and embrace their inner-sexy after a breakup (Bad Romance). With plunging neck and back lines, high splits, lace and see through fabrics, Bad Romance provoked the inner-sexy and is sure to show that ex what he missed out on. 


Fall/Winter 2017Cocaine

Inspiration: A song and my desire to work with fur inspired Cocaine. After hearing a song, I instantly was able to visualize clothing coming down a runway and began to sketch out what I saw; everything just flowed. I knew I wanted the collection to primarily be white, accented with some winter colors (steel grey & navy blue) and was able to select what colors I wanted for the pieces I had sketched.  





VI•II•VI has been featured in several shows to include

  • DC Fashion Week
  • Howard University
  • Morgan State University
  • Marymount University
  • Suitland High School
  • Style Speaks: Music Meets Fashion Showcase

We are scheduled for other shows coming up with

  • Delaware State University
  • Stampede School of Modeling

We had a one-page feature in the November Issue of the HBCU Style Magazine and have been seen in On Tap Magazine, & Shy Magazine.

VALM Feature

We were excited about the opportunity to be in VALM as promotion and reach is the best thing for designers. We hope to expand our current audience and help gain more people who are interested in our brand. We also hope to gain a bigger social media reach and gain more visibility throughout our platforms.

Contact Us



Instagram: @626online



For anyone looking to enter into this business some advice Designer Dominique Thomas would give would be:

  • Learn as much as you can. When I first started, I had no formal training. I began by going to local shows and seeing what was out in my local area. From there, I began taking sewing lessons, and found a mentor to help provide guidance and feedback. Once you get into the swing of things, still continue to learn new things as they apply to what your brand is aimed to focus on. Always be open to feedback and never be scared to ask for help or direction for something you don’t know how to do.
  • Find your inspiration. The beauty about inspiration is that is can come from anywhere. Since my first collection, I’ve noticed my inspiration can come from looking at fabric or by listening to music or even just seeing something in my day-to-day activities. The more ways you are able to get inspired, the easier it’ll be to come up with concepts.
  • Stay true to yourself. As a designer, the thing that sets you apart is your own look. Don’t worry about who is going to like what you have made or try to conform to what others are doing, stay true to you and develop your own lane.
  • Market you brand. The only way people will begin to notice you is by seeing your brand more and more. You can have the best clothes and no one will notice if they aren’t able to see them. Make sure you have social media (separate from your personal social media accounts) and push information to these, even if it’s the same outfit on a different model.  Get involved in as many shows as you can. Develop a website and ensure it looks professional, easy to navigate and displays your work.
  • Get a team. As a designer, you’ll wear many hats and it’ll become easy to get overwhelmed. Start putting a team in place as soon as you can and ensure that they are in your best interest. A small start up team can include positions in Marketing/PR, Manager, Stylist and Show Assistant.
  • Understand that it won’t be easy. New designers have to understand that the journey to creating you line, and branding yourself won’t be easy. It may take you longer than someone who started at the same time, as you and this can be discouraging. There will be times when you want to give up, or that you will get stuck. When times get rough, keep pushing and new doors will start to open. If it’s something your passionate about, take a break, walk away for a day or two before starting back up.
  • Always strive to grow and be better. You should always strive to make your next collection better than your last collection. This doesn’t necessarily refer only to the physical, exterior appearance of what people are seeing on the runway, but can include things such as you time management, how long it took you to complete a look, did you meet or exceed deadlines that you set, are your seams straighter, did you reach a personal goal, did you run into any issues the last time that you avoided this time, did you push yourself to venture into territory you wouldn’t necessarily do (using a fabric or creating a design you usually wouldn’t) or did you reach a bigger audience than the last time. These are just some of the many things that can help mark your growth as a designer.

VALM would like to send a HUGE Thank You to our featured designer and clothing line VI.II.VI. Thank you for you allowing us to feature you, we look forward to working with your company in the near future. VALM would also like to send a HUGE Thank you to YOU for reading our APR 2017 Issue!