VALM had the pleasure of shooting with Custom Taylorred, and we are excited for their new line of apparel! They are the epitome of dope, when it comes to photos, clothes and overall creativity. Were so excited to finally collab with Custom Taylorred!

VALMHow did you start Custom Taylorred?

“CustomTaylorred was inspired by my sister Taylor Patrice Gilbert, she took her life in the summer of 2015. I created this line to honor her life and to keep her name alive. The slogan is “Be Free” i want to encourage other to be free to live the life that they envision for themselves, and live their lives doing the thing that they are passionate about.”

VALMWhen did you launch?

“I launched the line on January 1st 2016.”

VALMWhere did the name aspire from? 

“The name was inspired by my sister Taylor, and “CustomTaylorred” was the social media name for my sister’s twitter and IG. The logo is inspired by an original picture my sister took in front of Angel wings before she had passed. And 33 was my sisters favorite number, she was born at 3:33.”

VALMWhat item is featured above? What are the prices per item?

“The items that are featured are the Purple Angel L/S T-Shirt in Black, ($35) and Purple Angel Hoodie in Black ($45) and the Purple Angel Jean Cap ($25) Purple Angel Cap in Stone ($25).”

VALMWhats your website / social media?

“The website is , and the social media is @CustomTay on IG and Twitter.”

Make sure you follow Custom Taylorred and check out their dope apparel!