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We had such an amazing time featuring this gorgeous model on VALM. Our Founder had the pleasure of knowing Daisy as an old classmate! Daisy is new to the fashion modeling scene but is as fierce as Tyra Banks! We at VALM had the honor to interview Daisy and we got to find out the inside scoop on this MODEL! Get to know Daisy below and book her today!! – Vogue á la Mode | VALM 


1. Introduce yourself: Name, Age, Business Location, Address to the business
location, etc. (whatever applies to you and your brand)

– Hello everyone! My name is Daisy Flores I am 24 years old, I am from Chicago Illinois, I am with John Casablancas Model and Talent Management Chicago located in Elmhurst Illinois.

2. What is your business? A brief summary of your business. Please include (name
of the business, time running, who you is your general audience?, Who have you worked with?)

– My agency is JC MTM Chicago, December 2018 to present. This agency is for modeling as well as for acting. This industry lets you try out both sides which is an

amazing opportunity. My general audience is everyone and all ages. I have done photoshoots with amazing photographers, Aaron Bradley, and Micheal Carrs.

3. Do you consider yourself a model? If so, how long have you been in the
business? If not, what do you consider yourself as in the fashion world?

– I DO! I have always had a goal in life since I was younger that I wanted to be some type of model when I grow up. I knew I wasn’t going to be tall enough to do runway modeling but I knew there were many other types of modeling out there in the industry. I wanted to do print modeling to be in magazines, billboard signs, ads, etc. I know people see models as tall, thin, and beautiful but what I hope to accomplish in a couple years is I want to be well known for who I am. I want to let everyone know if you want to model go for your dreams! You don’t have to be “ tall” to be considered a model in my views. I have been doing fun photoshoots with friends for about 4 years now I love being in front of the camera and in the spotlight as well as the center of attention.

4. Do you ever get camera shy?

– I used too, But now I don’t, I enjoy all eyes on me when given the chance!

5. Who is your favorite designer? Why?

– There are so many amazing designers, I just can’t choose one I love them all because they all have their own sense of unique style.


Photographer- Aaron Bradley  |   Email- 
Contact- 847 789 6159 

6. How would you consider your fashion style?

– Classy, Wild, Unique, and High end.

7. Who is your Idol when it comes to fashion? Why?

– Calvin Klein, because he has a different style when it comes to clothing and is also very unique.


Photographer- Wessam Shafek  |  Contact-  847 715 6270


Photographer- Aaron Bradley  |   Email- 
Contact- 847 789 6159 


Photographer- Wessam Shafek  |  Contact-  847 715 6270


8. What season is your favorite for the best fashion? Why?

– Definitely, summer and Spring, because the clothing is more colorful, fun, and vibrant!

9. What is one clothing item your wardrobe couldn’t go without? Why?

– Hmm, It’s hard to choose one clothing item. I would have to say my tops! I feel my shirts complete my whole outfit look when I go out!


Photographer- Wessam Shafek  |  Contact-  847 715 6270


Photographer- Wessam Shafek  |  Contact-  847 715 6270


Photographer- Wessam Shafek  |  Contact-  847 715 6270


10. Do you have a specific place you like to shoot outside of a studio?

– Yes, I like to shoot in woodsy or lake areas. Like either in the city by the water or big buildings, or where there are lots of trees and flowers to make a good picture!

11. Do you have any hidden talents?

– Not that I have discovered yet. Maybe I do I just don’t know of them yet.

12. If you weren’t a model and or entrepreneur what would you be doing?

I feel like I would be somewhere in the fashion industry, or in the acting industry as well.


Photographer- Aaron Bradley  |   Email- 
Contact- 847 789 6159 


Photographer- Wessam Shafek  |  Contact-  847 715 6270


13. Where is your dream location for your career?

– NYC or LA!

14. Are you available for booking?

– Yes!

15. Any last words, quotes or scriptures that you live by?

– “ Never give up”, “ Follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they maybe”, “ Whenever you feel life is knocking you down, get back up even stronger”.


Photographer- Wessam Shafek  |  Contact-  847 715 6270


16. List your social media, websites, and emails where someone can reach out to you.

Facebook:Daisy Marie Flores

Twitter: @daisydmarie

Instagram: daisymarieflores13

Snapchat: daisy206



Photographer- Aaron Bradley  |   Email-
Contact- 847 789 6159 


We would like to send a HUGE thank you to DAISY for allowing us to feature her on VALM! She truly is a driven woman full of confidence and dominating this fashion industry. Congrats on all your success Daisy, and we had an amazing time featuring you on VALM! Be sure to follow Daisy and stay tuned for all her next moves!!

– Vogue á la Mode | VALM 


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