VALM x ReeseFit


VALM is beyond excited to bring you our feature with ReeseFit!  What goes along with beauty and fashion? EXERCISE of course! The most effective way to stay in shape and look good everyday is to keep up with your body! ReeseFit will show us the most effective exercises she does with her clients, read along as she whips us in shape. Also, stay tuned down below for a bonus!!!


If you ask me five years ago, what my aspirations were it would have simply been to graduate from college, go on to graduate school and get a good job. But little did I know these aspirations would drastically change and spiral into me stepping completing outside of my comfort zone. My path into fitness was not easy. I was an ex-high school athlete, put on about 20 plus pounds my freshman year and was constantly complaining about my appearance. My boyfriend quickly grew tired of my complaining and pushed me to work for the body I wanted and that ignited a fire that would fail to seize. Fast forward two more years, I am now a junior, personal trainer and in my free time I love try new gyms in DC. I enjoy just about everyone form of fitness, from strength strengthening programs like CrossFit to hard hitting cardio workouts like cycling, even yoga, I love it all. I aspire to graduate from Howard University with a BS in health Science, go on to graduate school to receive my DPT and MBA, and eventually own my own business and develop a non-profit that is health focused.

I have been training for almost a year now and no matter how bad of a day I may have had I always put it aside when working with my clients and seeing them fight to change their body always brings me joy. The most motivating part of being a personal trainer for me is being able to aspire someone to get up and stop talking about the changes they want and actually work towards these changes. All I ask from my clients is never give up on themselves and I will never give up on them. I train pretty much anywhere right now, from my apartment gym to the track at my school and even my school’s gym. And I am always willing to come to my clients for training sessions.

I am so happy to have done this feature with VALM. Let me just say I am far from photogenic and doing these photos were completely outside of my comfort zone lol. So, I have already gained so much out of this feature by challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone in order to publicize my business. After this feature I would love to not only gain more clients, but also inspire people to take the first steps to changing their lives and improving their health. You can find me on Instagram @Reeese__, I post at least once of week and it’s always a mix of motivating post, workouts for you to try and delicious meal prep ideas.

One thing I would say for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur is to make sure you love it and jump in the deep end head first. When starting a business, you have to go for it with everything and leave no rock unturned and please, please, be prepared to fail. I say this not to discourage you but I inspire you. When I first starting having fitness boot camps there was times no one showed up, and I couldn’t keep a consistent personal training client, but now I consistently personal train four times a week. So, as you venture on this path take gratitude in every step you take toward your goals and no step is to small. Also, have faith, you have to believe in your dreams before you can actually see it.

So, as you go forth in this world whatever your dreams maybe, stop dreaming and create the life you love.

Peace & Blessings,



The TOP 9 most EFFECTIVE Exercises to do at the gym and on the track: That will guarantee you AMAZING results 

Exercise #1:



Exercise #2:


Exercise #3:


Exercise #4:


Exercise #5:


Exercise #6:


Exercise #7:





Exercise 8:


Exercise #9:


NOW that were all done working, time to stretch….


ResseFit’s Face Regime for Bonus BEAUTY!!!

Once a week:

– Wash face first (like night time routine)

-Indian Healing Clay facial mix with apple cider vinegar.

-Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel Off Mask

Morning Routine:

– Wash face with warm water, cataphyll, using facial brush.

-Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

-Cleanse with alcohol.

-Use Neutrogena spot cream on acne spots.

-Moisturize with Clean & Clear Essentials Dual Action

Night Routine:

-Wash face with warm water, and Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub.
-Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

-Cleanse with alcohol.

-Use Neutrogena spot cream on acne spots.

-Moisturize with ArtNaturals Anti-Aging Vitamin-C Serum



VALM would like to send a HUGE Thank you to ReeseFit for allowing us to feature your company and whipping us into shape! We look forward to working with you company again soon! We would also like to thank YOU for reading and exercising with VALM!