Shaakira Karriem-Broaden, is the creator and designer of Ritzy Furs,  and a Michigan native. She was born in Detroit and raised in West Bloomfield. She is a junior at Howard University, majoring in Biology, minoring in Chemistry. After graduating she plans to go to medical school in hopes of becoming a Cardiologists. Shaakira bought her name to officially start Ritzy Furs last year. She got the idea from being called words synonymous to Ritzy most of her life. Since she’s been wearing furs her whole life, She decided to create her own line. Ritzy Furs is an all around fur line. Furs range from vests, jackets, and accessories. The business is still rather new. Ritzy Furs is based in Michigan. The business also has a large online portion in which customers can place orders. The Instagram for Ritzy Furs is @Ritzy_furs.  Customers can contact ritzy via Instagram.

“Some advice that I would give to someone thinking of starting their own business would just be to not give up. Although that sounds cliche, it is the truth. It is easier to just stop and do something else. But I promise you, when you accomplish your goal, it feels so good! And don’t get me wrong, things do get hard, but you just have to find a way around it. And it feels good to dedicate the time and effort into something that is yours that you’ve created. So anyone starting a business I say go for it and never lose sight of the goal. Everything will fall into place for you. and Good Luck!” – Shaakira Karriem-Broaden

Photographer: @nigerian_don.
Models: Tay B,  Shaakira, Lydia, and Rayven

And you[’ve] only got to ask yourself three questions to find your unique gifts.  Number one:  “What do I love to do?”  What do I have a passion for?  What can I throw my whole heart and soul into?

Question number two:  “What would I do for free?”  If no one gave me financial reward for my efforts; you know, if no one gave me [remuneration] for what I was doing, what would I do for free?  Because when you’re doing what you love to do, and you would do it for free, your work is your play.  And if your work is your play, you’ll never work a day in your life.

From Dennis Kimbro