Who is Vogue á la Mode?

Who am I, you ask?
Hey Yall! My name is Tadajah Coleman Fashion | Beauty | Blogger and mastermind behind Vogue á la Mode. Vogue á la Mode (VALM) started as a small blog where I would display personal fashion for my own pleasure. After doing plenty of research I found that this small hobby could become an empire…yes like Cookie and Lucious! lol I then created a variety of platforms for VALM and built a following. VALM is a place where anyone can come and feel right at home; finding new fashion ideas or beauty techniques to try on their own. This is the blog for everyone, so welcome home! However, This is beyond a blog it also doubles as our very own magazine! Each issue is entitled Collection VALM and the segment name follows. Look for each Issue on our home page under its very own tab! I am beyond excited to see the development of Vogue á la Mode and will share every moment with you! Follow us along the way I promise you will be pleased. Follow Vogue á la mode on Instagram @voguealamode, Twitter @_voguealamode and Pinterest @Voguealamode. Thank you for your support and following! 

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