YSL | E-Commerce Marketing

Yves Saint Laurent also known by the infamous acronym of YSL is widely and commonly known as one of the world’s leading luxury retailers in the world. YSL has a large variance through developing brand presence and awareness through omni-channels. The brand has a large standing both through printed media and digital media. The brands does a great job with distributing omni-ous channels with a large scale of information that constitutes a large scale of brand purpose and awareness to their customers. 



Some pros that YSL does when engaging digitally with their customers are engaging the customer to create experiences. This is done heavily on social media, YSL allows their customers to unite through groupings and share experiences through their sponsored events & creative experiences and share them all across social media to increase brand awareness. 


YSL Beauty Hotel

Both digitally and through print the brand also makes obscurity and social unaccepted techniques of fashion become expressed. When looking in the customer would be widely accepted through obscurity through public nudity and interchanging masculine and feminine fashion. Most brands are developing this technique through modern times, however YSL was founded on these morals and brand presence alone. The brand also has expanded itself into the beauty niche that has had much success since its start. YSL beauty has a presence that is taken  just a serious as the brand itself. YSL Beauty also opens this top niche luxury brand to a middle-class more affordable audience, whom can have exposure and buy into the brand without spending a large sum of money to do so. With this being said the brand is ultimately heavy on subjecting a lot of its digital presence to be devoted to the YSL beauty brand to welcome in more audience. 


YSl does well digitally and via print, however some cons I would conclude about the digital marketing strategy of the brand is to welcome an affordable audience via dat fashion collaborations. This would be easily expressed digitally especially through social media. YSL also is not open to social cause marketing and in order to captivate a more socially conscious consumer the brand should operate under this brand purpose as well. The brand holds a carefree visual image through digital gages and it would be compelling to see the band engage with community through these same tactics. Both solutions would bring additional revenue to the brand but it will also open up a brand awareness to consumers who are looking for more cause in luxury brands.